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- Help people save money on everyday expenses!

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Featured Leader of the Month!!!
To Consider Quitting Means....

I just want to share with you all.  One of the girls on our team asked me the other day if I have ever considered quitting and when I told her “no”, she didn’t believe me.  She was determined that every single broker has considered quitting at one time or another.  That conversation put me into deep thought about all the walls and life challenges that have been a part of my journey.  Where would I be if any one ofthose challenges would’ve gotten me to think about quitting and what would I have given up??

Thinking back to the days of working a full-time J.O.B. with a set income, there was very little room to hope or dream at all.  It was easy back then to tell myself and the kids that "this is just the way it is for us".  The very BIGGEST GIFT that Ameriplan has given me is the ability to hope and dream of a better life and to KNOW that none of us is ever stuck living paycheck to paycheck!!!

The first 27 months of my journey were spent working my full-time job, rushing the kids around to eat and do homework, and jumping on the phone to grow my business.  I really wanted to come home from work to play and watch TV, but I knew that by spending my “playtime” on the phone would be worth it in the long run. I am now home full time.  I drive my little guy to kindergarden, get my 12-year-old boy off to middle school, and then homeschool my 16-year-old daughter.  From there, I go swim for an hour every day to get my exercise in.  My family eats together, plays together, and we never have to rush around. The next gift this opportunity has provided is the time and freedom to live and enjoy my kids.

Another life-changing gift has been the priceless friendships along the journey.  All the way from Kristie DeGraw, my enroller and my very first “Ameriplan friend”,  to the incredible people on this team that have become a part of my everyday life, and then all the people that have inspired me and given their time so selflessly just to make sure that we have everything we need – Janie and Michael, Kelly, Kristie and all the FAHT leaders…….I can’t begin to imagine my life without EVERYONE!!

Living this wonderful journey for 4 years has taken me step-by-step from a single mom with absolutely no hope for a better future, to a person that now believes that we can all achieve anything we set our minds to.

I have seen it way too many times, when someone hits a wall and they consider “throwing in the towel”, that option will be in the back of that person’s mind with every struggle they face.  Eventually they will give in and give up.

For me, to quit means I would have to give back every gift that Ameriplan has given me.  I am keeping ALL of them……I AM HERE FOR LIFE!!!!!

Patti Triplett
National Sales Director
Ami Cisco
Regional Sales Director
As I write these words for our monthly newsletter, I am admiring my beautiful 1yr old old baby boy and my 2 year old little girl and feeling SO blessed to be able to be home with them on a daily basis!  They are the pure inspiration for me on a daily basis - to be the best person I can be and to build my AmeriPlan business with absolute dedication!!  I am on a mission to bring families together and to help those that truly want it..to have a lucrative successful career from home...to help people not live paycheck to paycheck ...to help people fire their boss and find their own true inner guidance and fulfillment!!

My journey with AmeriPlan begins almost 3 years ago back in January of 2008.  I was one week away from giving birth to my little girl when I spoke to Maria Rappa, my wonderful friend and enroller.  I had no idea what to expect when she called, and I was honestly a little nervous to even talk to her (imagine that!!).  After our conversation, I knew this was the opportunity I had been waiting for, so I told her I would sign up in a month.  And that I did!  I was a little lost in the beginning.  I had fears to overcome, a skeptical husband that basically told me not to do this business, but I had DRIVE!!  I was inspired by the other leaders on our team coming from humble beginnings and overcoming amazing obstacles, and if they could do it, then so could I!  I was on a mission to prove my husband wrong and to really build this business and to be successful!!!  It took some time for me to reach RSD as I had some obstacles to overcome myself.  I had major phone fears and a huge learning curve on prospecting and lead generation.  I also had a newborn and 13 horses to care for everyday.  Instead of making excuses I just kept telling myself "I will, I can, If she can do it, so can I" !!   I stayed plugged into the training (3-5 calls a week), I made 5-7 presentations per day, I worked on personal growth and development, and eventually everything clicked for me.  I was not born being good at this business, I really had to work at it, but because I had the DESIRE to be GREAT, NOTHING and NO ONE could STOP ME!!  So, just Get FIRED UP and Stay FIRED UP!!!  Your business WILL GROW!!!

AmeriPlan has been my child.  I give my business love, respect, and guidance, just as I do for my children;)  I truly believe this is key to growing your business!  You have to love what you do, if you don't yet, trust me you will!!  This positively affects every aspect of your business, from your daily prospecting calls to building leaders underneath you, everything is reciprocated, love your business, and it will love you back!

I have grown so much personally since being a part of this amazing company.  I have learned to trust myself and to have faith, to have patience and to not sweat the small stuff.  I see the good in every experience, even the "bad" ones, it is through these times that you truly grow the most!  I also have complete confirmation that dreams really do come true!!  I am just as excited today as the first day I joined AmeriPlan (maybe even more, lol) and truly look forward to seeing all of our team members realizing their dreams and true potential with AmeriPlan!!

I am so inspired by what I do with my business and my team on a daily basis!   I want to see as many team members as possible rise up and be inspired by our business, and find their greatness within!    Anybody can be successful at this business if they want it bad enough and don't quit!!  So don't ever let someone tell you that you cannot do something, if you want something go get it!!!!  .  If you have fears, just carry them with you through all of those phone calls, people will start to hear you, and your fear will soon be replaced by solid confidence in yourself and your business!  Most people will not do what they have to do to build this business and build TRUE residual income, will you?

AmeriPlan is and forever will be in my heart, not because I have gained financially, but I am a different person today than when I began my career.  Our business is so rewarding and fulfilling, we change lives on a daily basis, mine was sure changed, and for that I am grateful:)  Thank You Ameriplan, Freedom At Home Team, Kristie DeGraw, and Maria Rappa!!!

Jayme Boyles
National Sales Director
TOP Producer 
Jayme Boyles
National Sales Director
Rotonya Jackson
Executive Sales Director

First of all, I want to say thank you Kristie, for all of the great support and help you offer whenever I or any of us on the team needs you.  Thank you also for the invitation to be a featured leader for this awesome team of ours.  I want to also say thank you to my enroller and close friend, Patti Triplett, for all the support, encouragement, laughs, and advice she gives, and for letting me even cry sometimes on her phone-shoulders. J  I really appreciate you, Patti, and your friendship soo much and thank you for being there as more than just my enroller.  Thank you to Janie for the vision for our team and the awesome training and support that I and our entire team receive.  I feel blessed to be a part of The Freedom At Home Team, and to have found Ameriplan; thanks Dennis and Daniel for allowing us all to take part in it.  I am also thankful to my family and friends, who fully support and encourage me with my home business, and share information about the company’s benefits and what I do with others.

My name is Rotonya Jackson, and I am a Regional Sales Director with the Freedom At Home Team.  I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter, Mikayla, who is my world and motivation for all that I do and all that I am and strive to be.  She alone is my reason for working from home; she inspires me to be a better person and the best mother I can possibly be for her.  I began my search for work from home when she was only 3 months old, after crying from just visiting a daycare I considered bringing her to when I planned to return to work once she reached 6 months old.  I couldn’t bare the thought of leaving her with someone else, and missing out on so much of her first moments.  I have a background and degree in Accounting, and knew there Had to be at least a Bookkeeping or Data Entry job somewhere out there that I could do from home on my computer, but after months of searching, it was nowhere to be found.  I am not a sales person by far and usually don’t even like being on the phone too much, so those types of jobs were a no go for me as well.  After searching for months, I was blessed to get an email from Patti from a mom group that I’d joined, and after talking to her, I joined the business and have not looked back since; quitting has Never been an option.  I have developed a passion for helping others with the savings plans we offer, because I know the value from using them myself, along with the testimonies I have received from others that have also taken advantage of the savings they have been able to receive.  I have a bigger passion though, for helping people find their freedom from home, because I know how hard it is to leave your young child in someone else’s care, and all the expense that goes along with raising them.  I have also learned the importance of self development, to be a better person for myself and others around me.

During my time with Ameriplan, I became a single mom and eventually had to get a job outside the home.  Since my daughter was a little older, I did not mind having her go to Daycare/School so she could be with and socialize with other children, especially since she is an only child, and to learn things in addition to what I had been trying to teach her; she Loves it!  What I didn’t like was having to leave her there ALL DAY while I worked at my job, and having to miss out on her class parties, couldn’t help out as the class mom and participate in their class activities, no snack days, and no lunch with her at school.  I hated picking her up after all of the kids in Her class had already left for the day and she was still there, one of the few 5 or 6 that remained.  I hated the wrenching feeling in my heart after hearing her ask me why I was so late picking her up every day because all of her friends had left already.  I hated having her ask me why I didn’t come to their class party like someone else’s mom or dad had done that day?  And I also hated having to pay out $1000/month just to go to work every day, between having to pay for her to go to Daycare and putting gas in my SUV.  I still knew there had to be a better way, and I longed to be more available for her.  So here I come again, with God still as my source, allowing me to be able to be home full time again, working my Ameriplan business full time again, being a full time mom, and looking forward to being able to be there with my daughter this year on her class field trips, class projects, as a room mom, lunch breaks, snack and story days, and anything else she wants me there for.  I always continued to work my Ameriplan business, even though it went part time for a bit, while I worked my job.  I thank God for residual income and for covering my monthly overhead and putting a few extra dollars in my pocket, even when I couldn’t really work as much as I would have liked to.  And I am thankful to Him and this business opportunity that we have, that I was able to take advantage of the great home business tax deductions, which gave me an extra $4000 on my tax return this year and the year before.  I say all of this to say that the little $50-$150  we pay for our overhead each month to have a home business, is no comparison to the priceless rewards you will receive from being home with your family, being able to be there for and with them when they need or want you or you need or want them, being able to experience those memorable moments in their life, and the tax deductions from owning a home based business; that little overhead is so much less than having to pay that $1000/month that I was paying just to be able to go to my job every day.  I am truly blessed and thankful!

Rotonya Jackson
Executive Sales Director
Theresa Swendra, NSD
25K President's Club
ACE Recruiter
Jennifer Cunningham, SRSD
Pattie Springle, ESD
Millennium Club
ACE Recruiter
Rotonya Jackson, ESD
Millennium Club
ACE Recruiter
David Mayo, SRSD
Rising Star 2012
ACE Recruiter
Delane Bracken, SRSD
Top Producers for March, so far!
1. Maria Rappa 
2. Jayme Boyles
3. Theresa Swendra
4. Nicole Solomita
4. Rose Smith-Williams
5. Debbie Hanson
5. Mary Schmidt
5. Michelle Shipp
6. Cory Schaub
6. Delane Bracken
6. Michelle Everett
7. Beth Sybert
7. Kim Blessing
7. Laura Bishop
7. Laurie Krawczyk
7. Mary Staton
7. Rotonya Jackson
8. Everardo Soria
8. Francine Arnold
8. Kamilya Napoli
8. Kamlesh Singh
8. Kerry Bien-Aime
8. Louella Hicks
8. Marrissia Brown
8. Shawna-Kay Walker
8. Teri Welker
9. Anne Naipo
9. Arlene Coney-Warren
9. Dr. Drew Andrews
9. Emily Rivera
9. Gretchen Fraser
9. Katrina Esham
Hi Team! 

I want to take a moment to thank you all for sharing my AmeriPlan vision and for being on this journey with me! I feel so grateful every day that you were brought into my life and that we have the opportunity to work on something amazing together.

This is a REALLY exciting time to be a part of AmeriPlan.  I am VERY excited for what 2015 will bring for our team! We built a very nice foundation in 2014 and this will be our team's year to SHINE!!
Team News
I am also looking forward to seeing all of you at this year's Convention!! If you haven't already registered, definitely go ahead and do so!  We've got a lot of great things planned for the event... training, a fantastic key note speaker and lots of FUN!! And the best part... we get to spend time with our AmeriPlan family!  Convention to me has always been a game changer. I come home re-energized and ready to take my business to the next level. So if you're looking to make that happen in YOUR business, convention is the answer!

In closing, please know that it is my MISSION to help you each reach success with AmeriPlan. I remember what it's like to be new and to WANT and NEED this bad.  I TRULY believe in all of you and I am here if you need anything!! 


Kristie DeGraw
National Vice President
Maria Rappa
Regional Vice President
Ameriplan is my DREAM come true. Like so many others, I worked in corporate America for many years in the hotel & travel industry in several Regional Sales Positions. I was your typical career-minded woman until I had my first child, Nicolas. Then everything changed. Because my career involved extensive travel & long hours, I could not imagine continuing this way of life. So I resigned and started working part time at home for a colleague doing project work. And I did this for seven years and also had my daughter Fiona during this time. I was getting sick and tired of working for someone else and the pay wasn't good. So I tried several other home based businesses on the side, i.e., Mary Kay, Online Travel Business and some other scam. I always wanted to be my own BOSS!!! 

Then in December 2006, I found Kristie DeGraw's online ad. I didn't sign up right away. I researched the company for three months and then signed up during the '07 March $25 promo. And I am so glad I did!! Even though I gave up my career, I still wanted a career but at home. And now I have the best career ever. Ameriplan has changed my life by giving me the opportunity to work toward financial freedom and to be mom at home for my kids. My future is so bright and I feel so blessed to know that I can build a business that will give my family more than we ever imagined. I wake up every day just loving my Ameriplan business, teammates and friends. And I am so focused and determined to reach financial goals that I never thought possible. Wow...this is for real!! So thank you Ameriplan for giving me the vision for a Beautiful Life!!

Stay Focused, Stay Positive and Stay Consistent Every Day!!!!!!

Maria Rappa
Regional Vice President
Kim Blessing, NSD
Millennium Club
ACE Recruiter
Leah Ryon, SRSD
Debbie Hanson, NSD
Millennium Club
ACE Recruiter
Laurie Krawczyk, NSD
Millennium Club
ACE Recruiter
Theresa Swendra
National Sales Director

Thank you Kristie for the invitation to be featured on the Team Site as the Leader of The Month!

My name is Theresa and I am a National Sales Director here on the Freedom At Home Team. I am married and I have two children. I have not always been a stay at home mom. I worked two jobs until I was 8 months pregnant with my daughter, and after she was born, as soon I was able, I was back to work. I was a single mom so I had no choice but to put my daughter in daycare and work 2 jobs to make sure her needs were met. I hated every minute of it. I was also in an unsafe relationship. My self esteem was so low but I knew I needed to make some positive changes for myself and for my daughter. My boss at the time and my parents helped me move to a safe place and this started me on a whole new path of life. I met a wonderful man who later became my husband and had a little boy. I worked until 2 weeks before my son was born. We quickly decided that I would not be returning to work as daycare expenses for a newborn are not cheap! I was so excited to be a stay at home mom as I did not have the opportunity with my daughter. My husband soon had to get a 2nd job as the bills seemed to pile up quickly. As much as I loved being here for my children, I wanted to help my husband, his hours seemed to get longer and longer. This started my search for work at home. I tried everything, you name it, I did it and it never got us anywhere. I stumbled across Ameriplan and got excited about it immediately but then I saw the start up costs and knew we could never afford it. I kept looking for other opportunities but Ameriplan was always in the back of my mind. Then, on May 4th, 2010 I saw a post on Facebook that Ameriplan was having a promotion. I didnt even think twice. I enrolled and jumped right in. 

My Journey with Ameriplan has not been an easy one, in fact right after I enrolled, I discovered I had a HUGE phone fear! I would get a sick to my stomach feeling every time I went to pick up the phone. Once I would actually get a prospect on the phone I would be so nervous and I forgot what to say so many times. Finally I told myself I need to get over this fear or I am not going to get anywhere and I was not about to quit. So I did it and I did it afraid and I got past my phone fear. I still have days where I have to give myself pep talks but I have alot more confidence now! I also had dream stealers, the biggest one being my husband. Once he watched the Webinar and saw the checks coming in and growing every month he started cheering me on. He doesnt work a ton of hours anymore either! There has been frustration and discouragement along the way as well but that is part of the business. I am truly thankful for being a part of this team and honestly, its so much more than just a team. Its a family. 

Ameriplan is an amazing opportunity. It has been a blessing for our family and I am excited to see what its store for me personally, my team and the entire FAH Team! 

Theresa Swendra
National Sales Director
Debbie Hanson
National Sales Director

Kristie thank you for asking me to be featured on our team site, I’m beyond humbled.  My first thought was why me, I’ve shared so much of myself already what is left?  I’d also like to say thanks to our wonderful team I have yet to meet in person even though each of you plays an important role in my daily life.  It’s amazing to me knowing how close we each are.  I know my enroller has to be tired from running through my mind each morning ha!  No we don’t have a boss but there are days I will check in just to say “Hey boss I worked hard can I take the afternoon off”  I mean where else can you do that and know your position will be here tomorrow?  

For those of you who do not know me, I'm a very proud mom of four, two in college & two in elementary school. I have a child with Autism & my youngest is a Shriner's kid born with a cleft lip & palate. I'm a legally blind Navy veteran who doesn't let my lack of sight get in the way of my vision. I joined during a promotion, only after making sure to speak with Kristie DeGraw a few times. Found her and our team page on Facebook, Told her at the time I had a recruiting background (thanks to the Navy) and have worked from home for other companies for the past 9 years.  My life changed from having a work at home job to having a work at home career with Ameriplan in Aug. 2011.  I came in only needing an extra $200 per month and I’m happy kind of attitude, along with dental coverage for my family.  Little did I know what the Bloom Brothers had already in place was so in demand.  I really dislike talking on the phone yet all I needed was the ability to pick up the phone every day and talk with people.  When it comes to all the benefits we have in this company I’m Hooked without a doubt.  We use not only the dental, roadside assistance & just a few months ago saved $550 at the ER with my son.  Just that had me shouting from the rooftop here in Memphis.  We’d be crazy not to share these savings benefits with everyone.   My advice to anyone reaching for success, plug into weekly calls stay in touch with your enroller no matter what, and don't quit before the blessing as Janie Jones says on every call, she knows what's up & how to make things happen.  Give this business the respect you would if you were working on someone else's job building their dream and your dream will build right before your eyes. There is always someone out there that will say no, our job is to share the information and get everyone covered.  We all have excuses why we can’t do something let’s all find a reason why we can!

Debbie Hanson
National Sales Director

Michelle Everett
National Sales Director

This morning while I was trying to figure out what to write, I realized the first emotion that I felt was gratitude. I am forever grateful for this opportunity and the leaders, team members and friends that I have the chance to work with and talk to through out this journey. I am grateful for seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, I am grateful for learning patience and giving time for my "baby" (business) to grow, grateful to know that I have a way out and a solution to my financial problems, grateful knowing that I will NEVER miss a beat of my kids lives!

Money has always been a constant day to day stress for me since I was young and before I found this company,  I felt like I was forming into someone that was losing hope & faith for anything better and becoming bitter. That is NO WAY to live .Ameriplan has made me do a COMPLETE 360 on the way I view life and the quality of it! I know now more then ever that I will be successful, I will be who I want to be in this life, no matter what trial & tribulations I have gone thru and experienced, that I can design my future! 

6 years ago, I was 19, just graduated college and gave birth to my 2nd child. I thought for sure that I was going to have this amazing career, because I  got an education, but reality came right in and took over when I was offered only $8.50/hr as a medical biller/coder. Although, I felt degraded, I am thankful for that one moment in time, because that was the very first time, I felt the need to not rely on someone else to make an income. That is when my search begun to do something from home. I tried so many different businesses & almost gave up hope until I replied to an ad on craigslist that brought me to my amazing enroller and friend, Jayme Boyles. I think I may of had a phone fear, but my why was so much bigger then that fear, I did not allow it to stand in my way and proved that YES! you can really make money from home and have the time you deserve with your family. Unfortunately, there was a few years in between that I had to step away from my business due to personal & financial reason, but every  month I continued to get a check and I knew it was just a matter of time, before I would be back. 

Since I committed myself and attended convention 9 months ago, which was probably THEE BEST DECISION I EVER MADE IN LIFE, I have grown so much as a person and my business has sky rocketed to the STARS! Although YES, the income you can make from home, is AMAZING , and is literally humbling me, because I can't believe that its actually happening, but what this entire experience has done for me as an individual, a woman, a mother can NEVER be replaced. I have inner peace knowing that its not a matter of IF ... Its just a matter of WHEN. I am so excited about what my future holds for me and I know if I just work everyday, stay plugged into the training and follow what has been laid out for me from the amazing leaders, those enrollments will flow in, that will follow with checks in my mailbox, and a monthly income that keeps growing and sure enough as we speak, that is what is happening. No more welfare, no more payment extensions, or borrowing money from anyone. No more looking at my kids and thinking they are limited on life because "i can't" do it. My children are my EVERYTHING and I want them to have an incredible life with out limitation and I will do anything in my power to give it to them. I can now stand on my own 2 feet and FEEL GOOD ABOUT ME and I have all the thanks in the world for those 2 country Texan twin brothers who had an inspiring thought that they acted on. Dennis and Daniel are the BOMB and so is this AMAZING Freedom At Home Team!! I love all of you and feel BLESSED that I can be part of this force, we have created from home! 

I'm a Lifer and I'm looking forward to so much more with all of you! Thanks Kristie for inviting me here, love ya!

Michelle Everett
National Sales Director

"Whatever the mind of man can conceive, it can achieve" W. Clement Stone
Cory Schaub, SRSD
ACE Recruiter
Kim Blessing
National Sales Director

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am happily married and blessed with three amazing and very active boys, although I guess I need to start referring to our oldest as a young man now. 

He started as a freshman at Michigan State University this fall and is thrilled to be a part of the very highly regarded Spartan Drum Line!  We are very proud of our kids and heavily invested in their lives.

That being said, after college I landed a great job in the corporate world.  One that I never thought I would never leave. Great benefits, company car, performance bonuses… I loved what I was doing.  

Once we started our family, my priorities took a major turn. I knew it was more important for me to be present in my kid’s lives and to be the parent raising them. I had to continue working however and I began to feel more like a drill sergeant than a parent.  This was not the life I had imagined for our family.  

I hated having to put the kids in Day Care and after school programs.  I felt like we were trapped in a hamsters wheel ~ rushing to pick them up and then rushing them through dinner, homework and off to whatever activities we had going on that evening.   Then home, showers, bed and get up and do it all over again....  I had to find another way.    

I actually was lying awake one night stressing about my job, wondering how we could continue to pay our bills if I quit my job and praying to God that I could find another way. That next morning I had an email from someone at Ameriplan with an opportunity to work from home... my first thought was is this an answer to my prayers?

Well it certainly was ~ I loved what I saw with Ameriplan and I decided to give it a go.  I did not quit my full time job right away and I got off to a slow start. I was juggling my full time job, family all of our activities and I found it easy to find excuses not to work my Ameriplan business. I did work it but not consistently at first. 

Once the paychecks started to come in with Ameriplan I realized that if I gave it the same respect I gave my job outside the home I could really be successful.  I dug in and got serious about my business and the success followed!

I am honored to be a National Sales Director with Ameirplan and working solely from home.  I am the one who takes my kids to school and picks them up.  I choose when, where and how I work. 

This business has truly changed our lives.  I find it very rewarding financially and intrinsically as I now have the opportunity to help others make these changes in their lives as well!

No more alarm clock, commute, traffic. No more boss!

Kim Blessing
National Sales Director
Angela Valentine, SRSD
Laurie Krawczyk
National Sales Director

WOW!  Talk about life changing!  What a December!  I hit Millennium Club, hit the top 20 on the ACE Chart, received my $2500 bonus for the 5/Month Club, and now I’ve been asked to be Leader of the Month for Kristie’s Team!!  How cool is that!?

I’m beyond blown away with what this company and this team has afforded me!  I am truly an example of AmeriPlan finding me and not the other way around!  I didn’t want anything to do with another business a little over 2 years ago.  I had been in many other companies with moderate success and very little income.   These supposed home businesses had me out of the house many nights a week for networking meetings and up and out early in the mornings for breakfast meetings with people that may or may not want anything I was offering!  When I would get home my husband would always ask me if I made any $?  And I would always say, not really, but I made a lot of new friends!  I became the “go to” girl for anything anyone needed!

Now here I am on the Leader board, the training team, finally making real money and aiming quickly for the President’s Club!  Not to mention I’ve even been blessed with the opportunity to co-host Janie Jones’ Team calls with Kathy Coddington.  Who’d have thunk it 1 year ago?  Not me!  
I always believed network marketing worked, but was unsure how!  I knew it availed people the opportunity to create a second stream of income or become the primary, but I never found the groove with the other things that I had done.  Many of the other opportunities were not providing a service that was truly needed.  I was just busy trying to convince folks to switch stores to buy expensive products that they could get for a lot less other places.  We have an amazing business because we not only offer financial savings for folks in a much needed area:  benefits, but we can also give them the opportunity to change their financial futures by helping others do the same thing!  

I am so blessed that Kim Blessing pursued me and asked me to do her a favor and sign up.  I didn’t even know what I was signing up for and now here I am shouting from the roof tops that there is a real home business where anyone with the hunger and desire for a different future than the 40 hrs. for 40 yrs. lifestyle can achieve it.  I am living that for myself right now and teaching others how to do the same!

Thank you, Kristie, for leading us so strongly and elegantly!  You are an inspiration and I want to be like you when I grow up, grandma! <3

Laurie Krawczyk
National Sales Director

David Mayo
Senior Regional Sales Director
I would like to thank Kristie for asking me to be featured as the leader of the month. I owe a world of Gratitude to Jayme Boyles, Kristie DeGraw, and Janie Jones for believing in me enough to keep encouraging me to move forward. They saw greatness in me in times when I couldn’t find an ounce in myself. You see, after having the perfect life and everything I wanted with a career that I loved, I never imagined it all going away in an instant. After the stroke happened and I could no longer work outside the home, I lost almost all my self-confidence and really felt so guilty because I could no longer take care of my family. Along with that all my self esteem flew out the window. I truly was a broken man. If I had not found Ameriplan, and my Freedom At Home Team Family, that’s the place where I would still reside.  With this being said, here is what is happening in my life today.

I am so amazed at the way Ameriplan is changing the lives of so many people all across the USA, and right here with our Freedom at Home Team.

I do not take it lightly the changes in my life that my Ameriplan business has afforded my family. But, to attend the convention and celebrate the 20 years of success with people from all over the USA was amazing. To stand still and reflect as the “official FAHT poster Dad” It is fantastic to witness wonderful changes that are happening, and seeing all the life changing opportunities my Freedom At Home Teammates are receiving. If I had one phrase I could say to our team, it would be “Each one of you has greatness within you! You choose what you do with it, but I am using mine to take me straight to the top!

I am privileged to be among this Amazing Family and Team. 
If you have not yet taken the Leap of Faith to Freedom, Now is the time.

God Bless The Freedom At Home Team!! 

David Mayo
Senior Regional Sales Director
Elizabeth Augustine, SRSD
Janice Glover, SRSD
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9. Patrice Johnson
9. Tom Newhard
10. Alan Ivers
10. Andrea Brown
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Quiana & Jeffery Whiten, NSD
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Emily Rivera, SRSD
Shirley Nelson, SRSD
Rookie of the Month April 2014 
Anne Naipo, SRSD
Quiana Eme AL-Islam and Jeffery Dale Whiten
National Sales Directors

I am EXTREMELY honored to be the feature of the month. 

I would just like to start off by saying thank you for allowing me to share my story with you. 

I, also, would like to extend a very heartfelt and gracious thank you to  Kristie Degraw and to my enroller, Michelle Everett, for all of the great support and help you offer whenever we need it.  Thank you also for the invitation to be a featured leader for the month of August!! It's also my birthday month so for me, this is a WONDERFUL highlight!!  I want to also say thank you to my enroller and close friend, Michelle, for all the support, encouragement, laughs, and advice she that she continuously gives, and for letting me even cry sometimes to her when I just wanted to express myself.  

Thank you to Janie for the vision for our team and the awesome training and support that I receive day in and day out.  I feel blessed to be a part of The Freedom At Home Team, and to have found Ameriplan. Last but not least, I'd also love to thank Dennis and Daniel for allowing us all to take part on this incredible journey. To me, it's still pretty surreal.  I am also thankful to my family and friends, who fully support and encourage me with my home business, and share information about the company’s benefits and what I do with others.

My name is Quiana E. AL-Islam and I am a National Sales Director with the Freedom At Home Team.  I have a very, very handsome 1 year old son, Evan, who is my world and motivation for all that I do and all that I am and strive to be.  I also have another child on the way and they are my ENTIRE world. They are one of my true reasons for working from home because they inspire me to be a better person and the best mother that I can possibly be.  

When I began my search for work from home, I did not have Evan in my life at the time, I just knew that I needed something better for me because I was EXTREMELY tired of the rat race. Period. I was RE-introduced to Ameriplan in January of 2010 and I just took the opportunity and RAN with it.    I couldn’t bare the thought of trying to survive AND build a business and having to work FOR someone else, and missing out on so much of finer things in life.  I mean, I KNEW that I HAD to find my way out, and I did. I have a background in customer service and I knew that with my entrepreneurial spirit, I could take after my mother in the sense that she owned her own businesses in her time and I've been told my family that I'm most like her in that way. She owned candy stores and daycare centers and everyone knew her  and loved her. I knew that I could do something from home. 

 I am definitely not sales person by far but I like to talk on the phone. So, I was trying to put the skills that were already inside of me to use. I have a professional culinary background. I studied at Job Corps for 2 years in Reno, Nevada and I was already working on what I could do with that from home. I didn't even want to be in a professional restaurant setting even after all my training!!   I decided to get serious with Ameriplan and I've never looked back since. My team is building and growing and I'm extremely proud of the success that my team has created. 

Carrie and Terrell Willis, Shirley Nelson and Emily Rivera to just name a few are just doing amazing and I'm bringing them all with me to the top!! 

After I joined the Freedom at home Team and Ameriplan, as you can see, I have dedicated myself to accomplishing great things, God willing!!   Quitting was never an option, no matter who joined with me or who decided to walk away.  I, honestly have always had a passion for helping others with the savings plans we offer, because I know the value of using them myself, along with the testimonies I have received from others that have also taken advantage of the savings they get.  I have a bigger passion though, for helping people find their freedom from home, because I know how hard it is to work dead-end jobs, get fired and/or hours cut along with your pay, not having the recognition/promotions that you KNOW you deserve for the job well-done AND to loose your livelihood all with a 30 day time span. I know because its' happened to me over and over again. I have also learned the importance of self development, to be a better person for myself and others around me.

During my time with Ameriplan, I've become a full-time stay at home mother, wife, sister and friend.  Since my son is very young, he stays with me during the entire day. If I'm on the phone, he's there. If I'm hosting a training call, he's there. If I'm taking an application, he's there. He's very much included in my day and I let my prospects know that so it can paint a picture moreso in their mind that what I do is real. I NEVER exclude him out. He's usually my selling point!! LOL, YAAY PAPA!! :-) No, but, when I reach out to my prospects and/or even my team once they've joined with me, they hear him all the time and I love it! 

Right now, he's an only child but when the baby comes, he can be with his sibling and socialize. I don't look forward to putting him in a daycare setting and being away from mom and dad which is why I build my business today, but I DO look forward to him starting school, etc, and being around other children in a safe learning setting. I don't look forward to the feelings of having to leave him in daycare ALL DAY while I work a job, and having to miss out on his class parties, not being able to help out as the class mom and participate in his school activities, no snack days, and no lunch with him at school,  etc.  I can't imagine picking him up after all of the kids in his class have already left for the day and he's still there as one of the last to get picked up. 

So I'm here with Ameriplan as I stand in the midst of my life, with God as my source that allows me to be able to be home full time, working my Ameriplan business faithfully. I extremely enjoy being a full time mom and have Ameriplan as the vehicle that also allows me to do this. I look forward to being able to be there with my child(ren) from this year going into 2015 and beyond.  I will always continue to work my Ameriplan business until I can't anymore!! I'll be here til the last of my days talking AP with our saving and income potential!! 

 I thank God along with the heavens above for residual income and for covering my monthly overhead and putting a few extra dollars in my pocket!!  And I am thankful to Him and this business opportunity that we have, that I am able to look forward to taking advantage of the great home business tax deductions, which gave me some extra $$$$$$ on my tax return this year and the years following.  I say all of this to say that the little $50-$150  we pay for our overhead each month to have a home business is in no comparison to the priceless rewards you will receive from being home with your family, being able to be there for and with them when they need you while you're needing or wanting them, being able to experience those memorable moments of their lives, and the tax deductions from owning a home based business; that little overhead is so much less than having to pay that $1000/month that I was paying just to be able to go to my job every day.  I am truly blessed and thankful!


Quiana Eme AL-Islam and Jeffery Dale Whiten
National Sales Directors
  More Leaders and All-Stars on our Team!!
Carrie Lewis, SRSD
LeAnn Kinsey
Regional Sales Director

I am so honored to be featured as the Leader of the month. Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you all. My supportive husband, Chris and I have three wonderful children (KrisAnna 8yrs, C.J. 7yrs and J.D. 5 yrs) which are our whole world and everything!

Three years ago, I was let go from the Banking Industry due to downsizing. My boss assured me that it was nothing I did and wasn’t personable just business. Realizing that I was just another number to them was a HUGE wakeup call. I drove to Chris’ work. When he saw me he knew something was wrong he could see the heart ache and pain. I told him that I will never feel this way again. I am sure he began to worry thinking I would never go to work again. Like Always, God had a bigger plan for me! 

So, I started looking and started working at as a customer service rep. Which the house had to be completely silent. You also had to stay at your desk hooked to the phone line and all I heard all day was complaining and getting yelled at by customers. I hated it so much and after only getting a few bucks, not even breaking even I quit 2 months later.

After receiving a couple of emails from Kristie, I finally just called her one night and enrolled. At first I was working the business as a hobby. Receiving my first promotion in less than 4 months was amazing! It takes years to be promoted in the Banking industry.  

Then I went into manager mode which is not a good idea. I was trying to help the others on my team grow and I stopped growing my business. The light bulb really came on when Chris and I went to convention last July in Dallas, TX. We were blown away that the million dollar leaders were just like us and so down to earth. That showed us that if you take this simple business plan and work it with all you have at least 5 days a week then you will be at a six figure income within six years! 

From convention in July to November this year has been a huge growth for my family and I. If you haven’t been to convention you need to go because it is a life changer. I have learned that the only way to succeed is working. You are your own boss and even when you don’t feel good or could come up with some good excuses they are still just excuses. Excuses don’t pay the bills, hard work does. 

AmeriPlan is and will always be my plan A, because I don’t have a plan B. If you have already thought about quitting or you have a backup plan then you have already quit in your mind. Has it been easy over the two years? No but it has been well worth it. Every day I am finding new ways to do my business on the go and in every crack of my life… why? Because I love it and it completes me.

I am a better person today than when I began my career. Better emotionally, physically and financially. I love the fact that we are changing lives on a daily basis, thank you Kristie for changing mine, I am very grateful! I work my business every single day in some way and not because I have to but because I desire to. When you love what you do then it is not work it is a passion!

Freedom At Home Team is Amazing! I love you all and feel so blessed that I get to be a part of this wonderful family! I am a Lifer and see huge things for my future and for yours! Thank you so much to my family for all the support and help around the house while I am building our future! Thanks also, for all the leaders here in AmeriPlan and to my wonderful team that I am so blessed to have! No more Boss! No Excuses! If you want something then work hard and achieve it!

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!” 
Phil 4:13 

LeAnn Kinsey
Regional Sales Director

Michelle Shipp, SRSD